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About Uptown Barber Bar

As an iconic symbol of the American tradition, barbershops have provided a sense of comfort and unison between the male community for centuries. Uptown Barber Bar thrives to be just that – a place where males feel comfortable in their own skin and are free to be themselves.

As the years go by, men’s needs begin to differ, from hairstyles to societal trends, more and more men are looking for a place to get everything they need done, in a timely manner and without the hassle.

At Uptown Barber Bar, we offer a variety of services, from trims to haircuts, from beard trims to full shaves, and from manicures to pedicures – we have it all! You can even take a piece of experience home with all the products you need to do the grooming yourself. Massages and waxing services are of course not excluded.

Up Town Barber Bar

Come in, enjoy, and even crack a beer with us in private or with your entourage – either way, feel as comfortable as you do at home, and find that the Uptown Barber Bar experience is one you’ll want to keep coming back to.

We strive to provide the male community with the experience of a classic barber shop with the comfort of a new age familiarity.